"The worst thing you could do with fear and anxiety is pretend that you’re strong and don’t have it."
- Matt Chandler (via kschlabaugh)
Isle of Palms Beach, SC. my picture of one of my favorite places on earth :) <3

Isle of Palms Beach, SC. my picture of one of my favorite places on earth :) <3

"Um… I think you should avoid ‘neat Christian boys’ like they’re the plague. I really do. You find a guy who is directionally headed towards godliness. That guy is gold."
- Matt Chandler (via autumneyes2129)
"Grace is made visible when the people of God live with an openhanded generosity where they see all that they have and all their abilities and all of their time as being owned by their creator and given to them to simply steward for the glory of His name. That’s how grace is made visible."
- Matt Chandler (via treeposesarah)
"When it comes to God, if you want to know who God is—if you want to know what He’s like, if you want to know what His tone is, how He behaves, how He feels, how He responds, how He reacts—you don’t have to speculate. You don’t have to play children’s games. You can find out. You study, you look at, and you watch Jesus Christ. Jesus is the image of the invisible God."
- Matt Chandler (via healoneisgod)

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You’re exhausted in the faith because you’re looking at you. The more you look at yourself and the less you look at God, the more you get frustrated at yourself. 

-Matt Chandler

Those who Fight the Hardest Battles


You are handpicked by God. Yes it is a cliche, but unless you fully realize this and let it sink into your mind and heart, you would not be able to grasp your real identity - which the world tries to distort everyday. Your real identity lies in the hand of the One who created you and knew you even…


“They saw the works of the Lord, his wonderful deeds in the deep”
(Psalm 107:24, NIV)

The scripture says is Psalm 107:23, “They that go down to the sea and do business in deep waters, they will see the wonders of God.” Friend, you and I were created to do business in deep waters. In other words, we’re not supposed to have little dreams or little plans. We are supposed to have big dreams. We are supposed to go out into the deep things God has for us.

But understand, when you’re out there in the deep waters, you can’t touch the ground. You can’t see the shoreline, and at times, it can get a little rocky. You may not always see how things are going to work out. But, the scripture tells us that deep calls to deep. In other words, God is the one who has called you to the deep waters. He is with you, and He knows there are deep things on the inside of you. Remember, in deep waters, you are not alone. God is with you, and He’s causing those deep things inside of you to come forth.

If you feel like you are out in the deep today, if you feel like you are overwhelmed, remember, you are in the right place and God is with you. You will see His wonderful deeds in the deep, and you will fulfill the plan He has in store for you.

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